District Mental Health Services for Older Adults


About the Program

The program offers specialized community based geriatric services in the Kenora and Rainy River Districts.

Who is Eligible
Seniors that are 60 years of age and older with a dementia or other serious mental illness, such as:

  • Clinical Depression
  • Mood Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Alzheimer's Disease or Related Dementia

The target population includes older adults living in community and facility-based environments including personal residences, supportive housing, chronic and acute care facilities, LTC Facilities.

Supports, services and education are also available to the caregivers and care providers of these individuals.

Older Adults

The Program Provides: 

  • Assessment and Cognitive Screening
  • Counselling or Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioural Interventions
  • Care and Treatment Planning
  • Referral and Advocacy
  • Monitoring
  • Education and Support to Caregivers
  • Community Outreach and Presentations
  • Geriatric Psychiatry

Each member of the team is knowledgeable about issues and services concerning seniors in their own community, while also having the advantage of being able to access district wide specialty services.

Referrals can come from any source including self, family, physicians and service providers by contacting the local office in your community, so feel free to Contact Us or call toll free 1-877-311-0117.

Speciality Services
A geriatric psychiatrist is available via telehealth on a weekly basis in each community for assessment, case consultation and education.

The program also has access to a number of other specialists in the field of geriatric care to assist in meeting the needs of the older adult population. 

The Program is Offered
Throughout the Kenora and Rainy River District

For More Information Contact The Office In Your Community

Fort Frances Area
Jolene Morrisseau Geriatric Mental Health Lead jmorrisseau@cmhaff.ca 807-274-2347 ext 208
Norma Reather Geriatric Mental Health Worker nreather@chmaff.ca 807-274-2347 ext 211
Karen Fifield Geriatric Mental Health Worker kfifield@cmhaff.ca 807-274-2347 ext 212
Sarah-Lynn Klassen Geriatric Mental Health Worker sklassen@cmhaff.ca 807-284-2347 ext 202
Dryden Area
Elaine Lindgren Geriatric Mental Health Worker elindgren@cmhaff.ca 807-223-8841 ext 221
Jane Coutts Geriatric Mental Health Worker jcoutts@cmhaff.ca 807-223-8841 ext 222
Nathalie Legros Geriatric Mental Health Worker nlegros@cmhaff.ca 807-223-8841 ext 220
Angela Tyrvainen Geriatric Mental Health Worker atyrvainen@cmhaff.ca 807-223-8841 ext 227
Kenora Area
Lianne Byram Geriatric Mental Health Worker lbyram@cmhaff.ca 807-468-4699 ext 1
Ashley Bryson Geriatric Mental Health Worker abryson@cmhaff.ca 807-468-4699 ext 3
Red Lake Area
Rebecca Vallee Geriatric Mental Health Worker rvallee@cmhaff.ca 807-727-2162 ext. 201
Sioux Lookout Area
Alyson Martin Geriatric Mental Health Lead amartin@cmhaff.ca 807-737-4996
Claudia Jung Geriatric Mental Health Worker cjung@cmhaff.ca 807-737-7139
Cameron Airlie Geriatric Mental Health Worker cairlie@cmhaff.ca 807-737-7139
Atikokan Area
Atikokan Community Counselling Services
Patricia Dunnet Geriatric Mental Health Worker pdunnet@vianet.ca 807-597-2724 ext 225

Senior Safety Guide
District Mental Health Services for Older Adults Program provides direct services to individuals sixty years of age and older with a serious mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. The Program also offers support and services to the caregivers of these individuals. Direct services include: counselling/therapy, assessment, care and treatment planning, caregiver support, education, referral and advocacy and geriatric psychiatry.

This service is offered throughout the Kenora/Rainy River District in the communities and surrounding areas of:

  • Atikokan
  • Dryden
  • Fort Frances
  • Kenora
  • Red Lake
  • Sioux Lookout

Service is offered to older adults living at home, supportive housing, long-term care and chronic care facilities. The Program is dedicated to bringing educational opportunities to the district and promoting the issues surrounding geriatric mental health to service providers and the general public.

This Program is sponsored by the Canadian Mental Health Association, Fort Frances Branch. For additional information on the District Mental Health Services for Older Adults Program and services offered in your community call, 807-274-2347 or toll free 1-877-311-0117.

View Senior Safety Guide

Additional Resources

Elder Abuse Program Brochure (PDF).

Recognizing Depression in Yourself Questionnaire (PDF)